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Here's a list of some of our favorite questions.

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A common question we get is... "What should I ask my customers?".

While we don't have some sort of crystal ball that can tell you exactly which questions are best for your demographic, we do have a list of questions that we love:


  • How did you hear about us?

  • Where else have you hear about us?

  • How long did you know about us before placing your first purchase?

Purchase Intent & CRO

  • Who are you purchasing for today?

  • Why did you choose to buy x?

  • How was your shopping experience today?

  • Did anything almost stop you from purchasing today?

  • Which of the following products might you be interested in purchasing in the future?

Market research

  • Which retail stores do you shop?

  • Have you ever purchased from one of our competitors?

  • How often do you use x?

  • When did you first use x?

  • How often do you purchase x?


  • What is your age?

  • What is your gender?

  • Which of the following best describes where you live?

    • Urban, suburban, rural, etc.

  • What is your household income?

  • What is your marital status?

  • What is your highest level of education?

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