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Shopify integration
Shopify integration
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If you signed up with Shopify, we've automatically installed the script to your order confirmation screen using Shopify's API.

If you signed up through our registration link, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Connect Shopify. Then all you have to do is add your Shopify store URL and click submit. Then it will redirect to your Shopify store to install the app!

Add your survey to Shopify's confirmation screen.

Just click "edit" on your survey and walk through the steps. On the last screen you'll be able to add the survey to the place of your choice on the Shopify confirmation screen.

Testing your survey live

To live test your survey go to "Orders", and select an order. Click on "More actions" and "View order status page".

If you're not seeing the survey for any reason, not the following:

  • At this time, we only collect surveys on orders placed through the Shopify checkout (or Recharge integration if you've added your survey there). Any customer service or manual orders will not show the survey.

  • If you've set an audience to your survey, be sure the order matches your audience criteria. If not, it may not show.

If you're still stuck, reach out and we'll help you ASAP!

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