Available on ANALYST plan and above.

One of the things that makes Kno truly unique is that each survey comes with its own URL, allowing you to deliver surveys via email, text message, or even embedded in a page via iFrame.

To grab your survey link, go to the surveys tab and click the ... on the survey of your choice and copy the survey link.

You can then drop that link wherever you want customer to take the survey!

There are a few additional items to note:

  • Because surveys are tied to customers we require an email address to complete a survey. We may make this optional in the future, but right now your customer must enter an email to take the survey.

  • The above email requirement can be bypassed by adding the ?email query parameter to the end of your survey link. Example: http://app.knoinsights.com/surveys/xxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx?email=example@example.com

  • If using Klaviyo you can add ?email={{email}} to the end of the url when sending a link with Klaviyo. That will leverage your Klaviyo profile data to automatically sync the customer and response records when the button is clicked.

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