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Available on ANALYST plan and above.

One of the things that makes Kno truly unique is that each survey comes with its own URL, allowing you to deliver surveys via email, text message, or any place you can send a link.

The first way to grab your survey link is after saving your survey. First click Publish (this won't send it to anyone, it just makes the survey available to be taken).

After you click Publish Survey, you can copy the URL that will send customers to your survey.

The second way to grab your survey link is on the Surveys page. Click the three dots ( ... ) on the survey of your choice and copy the survey link.

After you grab the link, you can then drop that link wherever you want the customer to take the survey!

There are a few additional items to note:

Survey Responses Connected to Customer Profiles

  • Surveys are tied to customers by default, so we require an email address to complete a link survey. We recommend tying responses to customers for the VAST majority of use cases in surveys via a link. Within the survey builder underneath Survey options, this is what this will look like for you:

  • This screenshot shows what the customer will see after clicking your survey link.

  • To bypass the above email requirement you can simply add the ?email query parameter to the end of your survey link.


  • If using Klaviyo you can add ?email={{email}} to the end of the url when sending a link with Klaviyo. That will leverage your Klaviyo profile data to automatically sync the customer and response records when the button is clicked.

  • If you are using an email service provider other than Klaviyo, this should still be possible but will require some investigation to determine their specific formatting for using a URL parameter.

Anonymous Survey Settings

  • You can choose to remove the email requirement for survey responses. In this case, you will be looking at survey responses in an aggregated data view with no way to tie specific responses back to specific customers.

  • Your survey options within the survey builder for your KnoLinks survey will look like this:

  • Toggling this setting off will remove the request for an email, and will also remove the ability to pass an email into KnoCommerce (having an email parameter in the URL for an anonymous survey will cause survey display errors/conflicts)

  • You can still add email and/or phone capture by using the appropriate question types (just add a new question with email or phone to your survey).

  • We recommend placing these captures at the end of the survey and then you have two options on how to utilize them.

    • You can keep the email/phone captures not required, like below. In this case, customers can submit their email but are permitted to finish/complete their survey without doing so.

    • You can require the customer to submit an email in order to finish/complete the survey. This can be helpful if you're providing a promo code Action at the end of the survey but want to require customers to submit their contact info for lead gen.

    • Lastly, choosing to Update Customer Email (as pictured below) will capture the email address AND associate the survey responses to the email address within our system. Leaving this box unchecked will keep the survey responses unassociated from an email address within our records, but will capture an email address within the question type.

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