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At Kno we do our best to make the cost of the service match the complexity of your use case. That's why we charge for the features you use, not the data you collect.

We also believe every brand regardless of size and budget should have access to the basics. That's why our Free version allows up to 3 questions and gives access to all audience creation abilities, question types, reports, data exports, etc.

Here's how pricing breaks down:

  • Active Experiences (surveys): Each set of questions & actions is an "experience". You can create as many as you want, but can only have the number active that your plan allows (i.e. 1 for Free or 3 for Analyst).

  • Active Audiences: Again, you can create as many audiences as you want, but can only enable the number indicated in your plan. Audiences can be enabled/disabled as you choose.

  • Questions/actions per experience: This is the number of questions or actions you can include in a single Experience (survey).

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