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Customer Attribution model
Customer Attribution model
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At KnoCommerce we believe strongly in automating as much insight as possible. When it comes to attribution, you shouldn't need to spend hours every week interpreting what your survey responses mean.

That's why we've created our customer attribution model:

What it is: A powerful report that gives you a picture of overall store revenue based on current and historical responses to a "how did you hear about us?" survey question. The objective is to discover how your customers first remember finding you, and apply that to your store's overall revenue.

What it is not: A replacement for all other attribution. We recommend looking at Google Analytics and paid ad platform analytics in coordination with our model. GA tells you last touch data from the perspective of a click, and ad platform analytics will help you understand how specific ads are performing.

Sound good? Let's get started:

  • You'll want to sign up for our "Analyst" plan. If needed you can also start on the free tier and upgrade later, but paid customers will be invited for access first.

  • After you sign up, navigate to Data->Surveys, and create a new survey.

  • Skip audience selection, and then choose the "Customer Attribution template" on the "Ask questions" tab.

  • Just a few more clicks to set style options and positioning, and you're on your way!

Once you're up and running, just reach out to our team and let us know that you want to get early access to the attribution report.

Have questions? Just hit that chat button and reach out.

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