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Creating Birthday Flows in Klaviyo
Creating Birthday Flows in Klaviyo

Here's a super fast way to start collecting and triggering birthday emails in Klaviyo.

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Have you ever wanted to send your customers an email or text message on their birthday?! You can now do that with our Klaviyo integration.
Kno makes the process super easy, and allows you to collect birthdays from your order confirmation screen. With an average response rate of over 50%, you'll be collecting birthdays at an incredible pace.

Ready to get started? You'll need to make sure you're on our Analyst plan ($99/month) or above, and have your Klaviyo integration set up:

Step 1: Build your survey

To create your survey go to Data > Surveys and click the "Create New Survey" button.

From the survey creation screen you can either add a birthday question directly, or can use our prebuilt advanced attribution template for a more fine-tuned data collection experience.

Single Birthday Question:

Full Attribution + Birthday:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to click "Advanced Settings" and make sure you turn on the Klaviyo integration for your question. If you don't, the flow won't work.

After you've created and edited your questions, click through the rest of the set up steps to deploy your survey to your confirmation screen.

Step 2: Check your data connection

If you're on the Analyst plan or higher with access to survey links, the easiest way to test that your survey is working is to open your survey link (see example below). If you're not on one of those plans you can deploy the survey and check the order confirmation screen for an existing order.

After you've tested your survey, head over to your Klaviyo dashboard and find the email address of the customer or email you tested. Scroll down and you'll see the question in the custom properties:

If your question is there (with a birthday) it's working and data is flowing into your Klaviyo account.

Step 3: Build your Flow

Last but not least, we need to build that flow! It's a good idea to use this Klaviyo guide as a reference point to ensure you've set up the email or text message properly.

To get started, click on the Flows tab > Create Flow and search for Klaviyo's prebuilt birthday flow. Follow their steps but (VERY important) select the Kno: your_question trigger option. That's going to link this flow to your birthday data.

Once you've created the flow, you can set whatever options you want! Again, we recommend following Klaviyo's guide to ensure you nail this.

Questions? Shoot us a message anytime using the lovely chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.


Q: Can I choose who sees this?

A: Yep! Use our audiences tool to display only to new customers, returning customers, or even people who have purchased x products.

Q: Will customers see this on every order?
A: We'll only show a survey to your customers until they've answered. Once they've answered, they'll never see it again.
​Q: Any tips on how to maximize responses?
A: Yeah! First, set it to display in the "before additional scripts section". Second, consider asking other questions first. As odd as it sounds, starting with something like a "how did you hear about us?" feels safer and warms your customer up to answering something more personal. Finally, make sure you let your customer know they'll get something in return.

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