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NOTE: This is a beta. Please test thoroughly.


First, make sure you already have a KnoCommerce account associated with your eCommerce store. If you don't have one you can sign up here.

Download the KnoCommerce for WooCommerce extension and install it on your WooCommerce site.

Go to Settings -> Integrations in your KnoCommerce dashboard and click on the "Custom" integration. Enter your site url and save the generated API key.

Go to Settings -> Survey Settings and click on the Miscellaneous tab. Copy the embed script.

With both of these pieces of information go to your WooCommerce settings and find the "KnoCommerce" tab. Paste these into the proper fields and choose your survey position option.

Create your survey for your confirmation screen. Be sure to turn on the "custom" embed option on the final page of the survey set up wizard.


After you've set everything up and created your survey you can test by placing a test order on your WooCommerce site. The survey should display in the location you've selected in the WooCommerce settings.
As this is a beta, please just send us a note with a link to the confirmation screen of that test order if you're not seeing any survey display. We will help you debug any issues ASAP.

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