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Concerned about the slowness of your survey load on your confirmation page? This article's for you!

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So your survey does not populate on your confirmation page as quickly as you would like. The cold chills of fear start to creep down your spine: What if no one sees my survey?! What if no one responds to my survey? What if we don't get any data, and never figure out our customer attribution?

Now before you start to despair, let's examine a couple of things.

Our KnoCommerce script loads through Shopify's API, which means we are subject to the limitations of that load time. Most brands see a load time between 2 and 6 seconds after page load (and are getting response rates distributed evenly between 25% and 75%).

A multitude of factors affect response rates on surveys, and load time is just one of them. In fact, for brands in the same range of load time, response rates are widely distributed indicating that load time is not as great a predictor of response rate as it may seem.

We find that adjusting other factors that we have more control over (like the first question type or the theme of the first question) does more to influence those response rates in a positive direction than a simple load time metric. Look here for suggestions on how to improve your response rate.

A second option would be to add a spinner in the location of the survey. That way, as your survey loads, your customers will know that something is going to populate in that space for them to notice and interact with. Look here for instructions on how to implement your spinner.

If that's still not good enough for you, ping us in the chat and we will see what other suggestions we might have for you!

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