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Social Snowball Action Integration
Social Snowball Action Integration

Everything you need to know about our integration with social snowball!

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If you've been working with us for long you'll know that we're big on driving action. Data should ultimately better connect customers with your brand.

This is why we're so excited about our new integration with affiliate management tech Social Snowball!

Social Snowball allows you to easily turn all your customers into affiliates - all they need to do is share the code you create for them.

We expand this by using real-time question responses to drive engagement. Brands who have been testing this integration have seen a 76%-128% increase in share rate on their Social Snowball widgets.

Set Up

Getting started is super easy if you have both KnoCommerce and Social Snowball, and should only take about 5 minutes if you're wanting to do this from our template.

Using the Template

To use the template go to Data -> Surveys, and create a new survey. In the template library search for "Social Snowball" to add the template. Set your settings, save, and publish. You can reference the above video for more specific configuration options.

To test you'll want to go to your Shopify account, click on orders and select a recent order. Click the "More Actions -> View order status page" link to see it live.

This template is designed as a stand-alone with a single question and the Social Snowball action, so if you're using it with other surveys you might want to configure an audience. Activating this for our returning customer audience is a great starting point, and ensures you're only showing to customers that are more likely to engage with this ask.

Starting from Scratch

You can add the Social Snowball widget into any survey (even use as a confirmation screen!). To do so you'll want to use the "Dynamic embed" action.

Start by adding the question type. In the settings set the "Element Selector" to the following:


You can leave the default 5000 millisecond timeout (5 seconds). That's going to check for up to 5 seconds for the Social Snowball widget before skipping.

You can also use the logic section in "advanced settings" to either copy the element into the survey, or to cut/paste into the survey. The "copy element" option will create a duplicate and leave the element in its current position on the main page.

Last point - if you place questions before the action, you can use the logic to show it as a confirmation screen, or show it conditionally based on the response to a previous question.

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