Triple Whale Integration

Set up an integration with Triple Whale so that you can seamlessly connect your data collection with your data/attribution analysis

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Let's get your attribution survey data connected to Triple Whale!

We're seeing 20-40% increases in Triple Pixel data attribution data with survey results. If you're ready to get better data in Triple Whale, let's get you connected.

Why should I use both?

Triple Whale is designed to integrate across a wide variety of toolsets to create a clear picture of your customers' attribution journey so that you can make informed decisions about ad-spend and marketing strategy. First-party data makes up a significant proportion of that picture, but it does not tell the full story. First-click and last-click data can be misattributed or even missing entirely depending on some of those attribution details.

And that's where Kno comes in! Using KnoCommerce to get attribution data directly from your customers will help correct some of the misattribution and fill in gaps of the attribution story that were completely missing!

Better Picture -> Better Story -> Better Decisions -> Greater Growth

Ok, I'm convinced. How do I integrate?

Step 1

  • Sign up for a Triple Whale account if you don't already have one

  • In your Triple Whale account, navigate to Settings in your left-hand panel, then click Integrations

  • Here, you should see the Kno app listed

  • Click Connect, to begin

Step 2

  • In your Kno account, navigate to Settings, then Integrations

  • Next, click on the "Connection icon" next to Triple Whale

  • Click the "Enable Integration" button

  • Next, click the cog icon to open the settings page

  • You should now see Client ID and Client Secret in the pop-up displayed on your screen

  • Copy and Paste both of those values into the corresponding fields in your Triple Whale account

  • Click Save

Supported Question and Response Types

You may have noticed that some of your purchases don't have attribution in your Triple Whale account, which leaves you wondering where that customer came from. If Triple Whale doesn't capture an ad click or referring source for a customer, we can use your Kno survey to help improve your attribution story.

We know that you can ask many questions via Kno, but we're specifically looking for the question that includes the following text: "How did you FIRST hear about us?"

And it is also essential that you choose the Radio button question type for this question. This limits the customer to choosing one option for their first touchpoint with your brand.

Currently, Triple Whale supports the following response types for reporting on the summary page and Pixel.


Mapped Channel (in Triple Whale)















Here are some customer journey examples to help you interpret the Kno data you will see in your Pixel table:

A) Triple Pixel has attributed an order to Facebook via a link click from your Facebook ad AND the customer’s survey response = Facebook

  • Triple Pixel will display the single order and its corresponding conversion value in the pixel table, under the Facebook channel

B) Triple Pixel has attributed an order to Facebook via a link click from your Facebook ad AND the customer’s survey response = TikTok

  • Using attribution model = Triple Attribution, this single order, and its corresponding conversion value will be displayed under the Facebook channel AND the TikTok channel within the Kno Survey row in your Pixel table

C) Triple Pixel does not have any click data on the customer who placed the order, BUT the customer’s survey response = Facebook

  • We will display the order count and conversion value within the Facebook channel of your pixel dashboard under the “Kno Survey” row

How Kno data will be presented in your Triple Whale account

Summary Page

Pixel Page

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