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Boosting customer interactions with your existing Junip widget using the KnoCommerce Dynamic Embed Action feature

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One of the best ways to drive customer behavior within the context of KnoCommerce is the Action feature. Check out our general Action help doc here.

But what specific behavior? Well, you can utilize our Junip Action to help boost reviews using your existing Junip account (check out Junip here). Either create a new survey primarily geared towards using this feature, or append it to an existing survey and deploy it that way.

Either way, you'll see an increase in customers interacting with your product review platform to boost your online presence. We suggest primarily targeting returning customers as they'll be best suited to review your different products.

First off, add a radio-button-style question that asks (at the very least), Would you like to leave a product review today? Then add in the response options 'Yes' and 'Not today' to finish this question. Check out the following example.

Then add the Junip Action by clicking the Search Question Library plus sign in the survey builder. Navigate to the Actions sub-menu and search for Junip, then select the Action.

It will populate into the survey flow within the survey builder and you can re-title the Action, edit the specific text within the HTML block, edit the button text and/or button color and customize however you'd like. Be sure to select the text in the existing button and choose Insert->Link (shortcut CTRL + K) and add your specific review URL to direct the traffic to your page (you can find that in your Review Links section in Junip).

Lastly, be sure to select the 'Advanced Settings', toggle on Logic, toggle on Prerequisite Question, Select the previous question in the dropdown, toggle on Detailed Choice, check the 'Yes' box, then click Close to tie this question to someone answering 'Yes' to leaving a product review. It should look something like this:

Make sure to Save your survey (and Publish and Add to Confirmation Screen if this is a brand new survey), and you will be all set!

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