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Pass KNO data to TikTok for better in platform measurement

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What is the program?

Attribution can be a mystery.

First Party Platforms, Third Party Web Analytics & Advanced Measurement vendors all have their own complex methodologies to attribute credit to a click or view. One thing's for certain: through all the noise in one's path to purchase, the voice of the customer is indispensable.

That's why TikTok partnered with KNO to helping commerce advertisers hear

directly from their customers.

Post Purchase Surveys (PPS) can seamlessly be integrated with your e-commerce platform (e.g. Shopify) and poll your customers directly after a sales event, adding a valuable layer of insight into your customer's path to purchase. By sharing survey data with TikTok, we can explore ways to enhance & build reporting products in the future.

By allowing KNO to pass data into TikTok you'll be able to more accurately measure your ad spend on their platform, which will allow TikTok to design products for you that report KNO-attributed transactions down to the ad level.

In addition to this, any brand that agrees to pass data into TikTok by December 31st 2023, will receive an ad credit of up to $5,000.

Full program details on payout can be found here

What data will be passed to TikTok?

High level, most customer data we have from Shopify, and all response data is available to TikTok via the API connection. The customer data described below is already available to TikTok if you have the TikTok Shopify app installed, and much of it is available to their pixel. As well, TikTok is not actively collecting most of this personal data from our API, but we want to be clear it is available for access.

Data TikTok can access from KnoCommerce API: Name, Email, Phone, IP address, Shipping address, Billing address, browser/device info, order amount and items, questions asked, and responses to questions.

Also note: When you grant API access to TikTok all questions and answers will be available via the API. We recommend reviewing the questions you’re asking to be sure you’re comfortable sharing that data. To be clear, this is true if you’re using any API partner, including but not limited to Triple Whale and Peel Insights.

You can read the full terms here.

Join Hexclad, Pura Vida, Jones Road Beauty, and many others already enrolled in this exciting program.

How to get started

New to KNO?

You'll first need to create an account, you'll want to do that by clicking the button below and selecting the "Shopify Option"

To utilize this promotion and the KNO <> TikTok integration you must be on our Pro plan ($249/mo), so after you create your account select the "Pro" plan. The credit and the efficiencies gained by passing KNO data into TIkTok should more than cover the cost of this. This does come with a 14-day free trial.

Launch your survey

After creating your account, the app will take you to the survey builder to create your first survey!

Confirm the option to display the survey on the confirmation screen. It should look like the screenshot below. Just so you know, you can always send a survey through a link as well, such as our abandoned cart survey, but we can skip that for now :).

Make sure to give the survey a title, below mine is "Attribution Survey", you can do the same

Skip the Choose an Audience step (that feature unlocks on paid plans), and go straight to the Ask Questions section. Click Start With A Template to find the free attribution survey.

Search for or use the arrows to navigate through the template library to find the TikTok template and click Add Template.

If you want, you can choose to add or delete Response options for either of the first two questions. For example, if you don't sell in a retail store go ahead and remove that option.

Once you have your settings in place, click save (the yellow floppy disk in the lower right corner).

It will take you to the 'You did it!' page with confetti. Make sure to 'Publish Survey' AND 'Add to Shopify Confirmation screen'. Both are required in order to get your survey displayed properly on your Shopify store.

That's it! Now just sit back and watch the survey results roll in 🙌!

You'll now just want to fill out this form and KNO and TikTok will do the rest to connect your account.

How to claim your TikTok Credit

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