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Gather Additional Info with the 'Other' Response Option
Gather Additional Info with the 'Other' Response Option

Giving customers the option to select 'Other' as an answer and automatically requesting additional clarification via an open text field

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You may frequently want to offer 'Other' as an additional response option for particular questions. This gives customers their own option/bucket who don't see their specific answer within the responses listed. But many times, you'll want your customers to specify or describe their answer in addition to selecting the 'Other' option.

You can use additional questions and logic (see our Survey Logic help doc) to do this, but in most situations, you'll just want to use the 'Other' setting in our 'advanced settings' menu for the question. Check out how to do this below.

Open-Text Followup to 'Other'

When you want to collect open-text responses after a customer selects 'Other' on a survey, this comes as a standard feature within the 'advanced settings' of the particular question. Don't write in 'Other' as a response option, but use this feature instead to collect the data seamlessly. Check out the screen grab below to see the exact steps to add this option to your survey questions.

When you set up this feature, you'll get the standard reporting view for the Radio-button or Checkbox-button questions with what customers have written in the open-text field listed below. See the reporting screenshot below.

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