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HDYFHAU Attribution Question Setup
HDYFHAU Attribution Question Setup

Best-practice recommendations for the 'How did you FIRST hear about us?' attribution question in KnoCommerce

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Most brands are highly interested in their attribution picture. Although we at KnoCommerce don't believe that the question 'How did you first hear about us/our brand?' should be the only attribution-focused question that you ask (Last touch attribution and conversion window are also crucial), it is important to many brands' attribution picture.

We offer templated attribution surveys (just create a new survey and search for 'attribution survey' that follow many of these suggestions, but there is also the first-touch attribution question template as well (just search the question bank for 'attribution first-touch') if you're staying on the Free plan.

Question Setup

You want to offer enough response options that your customers will see something that immediately resonates with them, while also not wanting to add so many options that your customers are overwhelmed and stop responding to the survey.

Here are the responses included in our templated question:

We make sure to offer the main social media channels AND an option for influencers on the first question. The reason for this is some customers identify the platform as the main channel differentiator, while others focus more on the personality. We want to have both options available there!

Follow-up Question Setup

From there, we recommend asking a follow-up question to ALL social media channels to help determine where on the platform someone saw you. This is set up automatically on the templates, but you can also set it up while building your own survey.

While it may at times make sense to address specific follow-up questions to specific social channels (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, et. al.), this particular way is the most efficient starting place, because it minimizes total questions asked while also maximizing the use of KnoCommerce's capabilities and features.

These four options cover the vast majority of situations on any social media channel and will be helpful in separating out the different channels.

Audience Setup

Here's where the real differentiator happens. Setting up an audience allows you to segment your reporting. This allows you to set up an audience based on the customer's answer to the HDYHAU question and then view the results of the 'Who posted about us?' question through the lens of that audience.

Go to Audiences and click Create New Audience. There are templated audiences set up for the majority of situations you'll encounter, but we'll use TikTok in this example.

Choose the Discovery = TikTok template and then click Save. Edit the audience again and re-save in order to prioritize the creation of that Audience segment.

Viewing Reports

After you have set your survey live and begin receiving responses, go to the Reports page to use the Audiences to segment the data.

At the top of the Reports page, select the Survey, the Who posted about us? question, the desired date range, and the Audience (ours is Discovery = TikTok). Then the graph will automatically load and look something like this.

So what you're viewing is the survey results for the question Who posted about us? through the lens of customers who discovered your brand on TikTok (based on their answer to the first question on the survey). You can adjust the audience to view different channels and their own trends within reporting settings. Or you can also adjust the question to see how the same audience answered other questions on your survey!

If you have any issues, please reach out to us or click the chat bubble in the lower left-hand corner. Happy surveying!

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