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Feature Request Instructions

Submit feature requests to get them into KnoCommerce development and vote/stay up-to-date on requests made by other customers

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KnoCommerce thrives because we want our customers to thrive, and one of the best ways we can do that is by listening to the feedback that you give us. Whenever our brands have features and functionalities, we would love to work on building those things out. So here is how you can leave us some feedback and help shape our future together!

1) Log into the Kno App

Most brands access Kno through our Login page, though you can also access it through the Apps section on your Shopify store if needed.

2) Open Intercom Messenger

You may already be there, but if not open the Intercom messenger (it lives in the lower left-hand corner of our app screen interface). Then click on the 'Give feedback' button underneath the 'Have a feature request?'.

3) Search Existing Feature Requests

You can either browse our existing Feature Requests or you can use the Search button to look for specific types of existing feature requests.

Click a request to add your own comments or upvote in order to move that specific request higher on our development queue!

Voting and commenting will make sure that you get notifications whenever there are updates to the feature request, like when we move into into development or fully deploy the feature when it is finished!

4) Add New Feature Request

If you can't find a feature similar to what you're looking for, make your own request! Just click on the 'Plus' and give us your feedback. We'll be sure to take a look and consider how your feature would fit into our current technology capabilities.

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