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ReCharge Integration
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So you want to survey your ReCharge customers? Well, you've come to the right place!

If you're using ReCharge checkout you'll need to add our embed script tag to your "Thank you page" scripts section in your ReCharge settings.

In ReCharge, go to Storefront -> Checkout and scroll down to the Thank You page section. It should look something like this.

Start by adding a bit of Javascript to initialize Shopify's order object (fancy talk to make sure Shopify and Kno are both looking at the correct Shopify Order #).

<!-- KnoInsights Script -->
<script>window.Shopify.checkout.order_id = {{id}};</script>

Then in another window, open up your KnoCommerce dashboard to find your script in Settings -> Survey Settings -> Miscellaneous.

Copy the embed script and paste it into the ReCharge Thank You page script editor (below what you've already pasted). The final script that combines everything that you'll paste into ReCharge will look something like this:

<!-- KnoInsights Script -->
<script>window.Shopify.checkout.order_id = {{id}};</script>
<script src=""></script>

If you have any questions just reach out!

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