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Multi Account Access
Multi Account Access
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KnoCommerce is designed to be collaborative. Our robust user system allows you to invite users to your account with various levels of access. This is particularly useful if you have multiple employees, or third parties (agencies, contractors, etc.) who you'd like to add to your account.

Adding additional users to an account

To add users to your account go to Settings > Users and click the plus icon. In most cases you can assign admin permissions, but if you'd like to customize access just select the "custom" role and disable the settings to which you'd like to limit access. Enter the user's email address and send it! We'll handle the rest.

Adding additional accounts

If you have multiple Shopify stores you'll need an account for each store to properly use the Shopify integration. In this case you can add new accounts by navigating to the "User Settings" in the top right menu.

Click the "Add New Account" button. You'll be taken through the standard plan selection flow.

If you're creating an account for the same company as an existing account (e.g. adding a US site when you already have a UK site), please reach out for a discounted subscription on secondary accounts.

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