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No views? Kno problem😉 Several easy steps can help get your survey showing and increase the response rate!

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So you've spent the time and energy creating your survey, you've deployed it for a few days, but when you go back to see all of your amazing Kno insights, you have no survey results. Not to worry, there are some easy ways to double-check that everything is set up correctly.

1) Check your Extensibility Status

If your store has upgraded your Thank You page and Order Status page to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify, you'll need to add KnoCommerce's Extension block to your checkout pages. Check out our Extensibility help doc for more info.

2) Save Your Survey

You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) at how many times surveys do not get saved. Within the survey builder, make sure to save using the button on the bottom right!

3) Publish Your Survey

After you save your survey, you'll see this screen next!

Make sure to publish the survey (turn it on). You can also do that from the survey landing page by toggling the gray button...

...then toggling 'Enable Survey' on and pushing 'Save'.

4) Add to Confirmation Screen

After you save your survey and publish it, make sure to choose 'Add to Shopify Confirmation Screen'!

Then select the position to place the survey on the Shopify Confirmation page (we recommend 'Before additional scripts') and select 'Confirm Position'.

5) Shopify Order Confirmation Page

If you're still not getting views, there's likely a conflict on the Shopify Confirmation page. Once you get to this point, reach out to us and we'd be happy to troubleshoot further with you.

Happy surveying!

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