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Tapcart Action Integration

Use KNO to drive Tapcart App Downloads!

Written by Bar Bruhis
Updated over a week ago

What is it?

Tapcart is a great platform to turn any Shopify store into a mobile app and increase your store's order volume and repeat purchasers. With 91% of all online traffic coming from mobile, it's becoming more and more important to optimize for mobile.

Once you've built out your mobile app with Tapcart, the next objective is to get as many customers as possible to download the app...that's where KNO comes in :)

With our post-purchase survey tool, you can expect an average of 45% of customers to complete the survey. These are highly engaged users that can be funneled into completing many actions, including downloading your Tapcart mobile app. You can expect roughly 1/3 of customers that complete the surveys to take action on this. So if you get 1000 orders/mo, this could drive an additional 150 app downloads.

Only Curls drove over 750 clicks to download their mobile app over the course of 2 weeks:

How does it work?

Here is a quick Loom Video that explains the flow of how this works. And a gif as well:

A customer completes their post-purchase survey and is then prompted to download your mobile app.

Here's how to add that to your survey as a replacement confirmation page for the survey:

Open up your survey in the survey builder (go to Data->Surveys->click the three dots for the survey->click Edit). Select the Questions tab and scroll down to the last question in the survey and select it as the active question.

Add a new question by clicking the Plus sign at the top of the Questions menu.

Then when the menu pops up, select the Actions tab, search for Tapcart, and select the Tapcart App Template Action.

Feel free to edit the messages and the copy to suit your particular brand. But at the very least you'll need to add the correct link to your app download platform.

You have 3 options for buttons in this template: Google Play download, Apple Store download, or text button that says 'Download Now!'. Delete whichever buttons you do not want.

To insert the correct link, highlight the button you which to edit and either key in CTRL + K to edit the link or from the dropdown menu above select Insert > Link. Paste the dedicated URL and/or edit the button text to display. Click save.

For either of the other app download button images, you'll only need to designate the URL destination and not the Text to display.

If you'd like to edit the color and/or formatting for the button, open up the HTML editor using the </> button and change the background setting to the Hex Code of the color you want. Then click Save in the top right!

Lastly, you'll want to set this page as your default confirmation page. Select the 'advanced settings' button for the question, toggle on Logic, toggle on 'End Survey Here', toggle on 'Show as confirmation screen', and click close.

Don't forget to save the whole survey (yellow floppy disk in the bottom right) for the changes to take effect! But then you're all set to drive more traffic!

Happy surveying!

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