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Superfiliate Action Integration
Superfiliate Action Integration

Use this Action to boost clicks to your affiliate rewards program with Superfiliate!

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If you're unlocking the power of word of mouth with Superfiliate, you can leverage the Kno Action feature to drive even more clicks! Check out how it works and how to set it up on your survey below.

How It Works

On the confirmation page of your store after purchase, there's limited space above the fold. And for brands that want to utilize Superfiliate while also gathering attribution data (and much more!) with KnoCommerce, you can leverage that limited space and utilize both features to their fullest extent!

With the survey placed at the top of the page, you'll maximize your response rate and the engagement the customers have with the survey. And at the end of the survey, we'll copy the Superfiliate element on the page and inject it into the KnoCommerce widget.

How to Set It Up

Radio Action Intro

To add this feature to an existing survey, you'll need to first insert the question template titled Radio Action Intro.

Make sure to change the question language to reflect the CTA ask. Something like, "Would be interested in joining the [insert brand here] rewards program?" would work great!

Checkbox Action Intro

If you're already utilizing other Actions within your survey, feel free to utilize the Checkbox Action Intro instead. This acts as an intro for ALL your Action integrations.

Feel free to include the brand name in the question, but at the very least change the answer options to reflect the different Actions you will be using.

Insert the Action

Then you'll need to insert the actual Action. Insert the integration action by adding the template called Superfiliate Action Integration. The element is selected automatically through setup. Just add in the Action screen!

Make sure to set up the logic setup by selecting 'Advanced Settings', turning on Logic, choosing the prerequisite question option, choosing the correct 'Would you be interested in joining the [insert brand here] question, choosing the detailed choice, and choosing the correct detailed choice. It should look like this:

Make sure to click save on your existing survey and save all the changes.

How Does it Look Live!

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