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We believe in making data actionable, which is why we've given you the ability to push almost every piece of data we collect to Klaviyo.

Getting Started

To set up your Klaviyo integration go to Settings -> Integrations, and follow the instructions there.

Note that you need to use the private API key. Full Access to the Profiles and List API Scopes is required (the integration will not work correctly with only Read Access). The other API scopes are not needed at present. See below for reference:

After you've saved your API key, you'll need to select a list. Note: This is a requirement of Klaviyo's API. In general, you should select a list that acts as a "catch-all" list within your account.

Additional Note: The dropdown menu of Klaviyo lists does not always update immediately through the Klaviyo API. If you are not seeing the specific list you want to select, there are two things that you can do:

  1. Come back to this in a couple of hours, and the list may update automatically.

  2. Disconnect the Klaviyo Integration on the main KnoCommerce integration page (make sure you save the private API key), then reconnect. This will force an API refresh and should allow you to see the list you've created.

How It Works

Any time a survey is answered, or an audience is updated, we check to see if data needs to be pushed to Klaviyo. We'll add relevant profile attributes, and add the customer to the selected list. There are currently two types of data that we push to Klaviyo; survey data, and question data.

Survey Data

If a customer starts a survey while the Klaviyo integration is connected, we push the survey status to Klaviyo, along with any thank you promo code that's been generated. See above "Kno Survey:" properties for an example of how this works.

Below are a list of statuses:

  • view: customer was shown the survey, but didn't answer any questions

  • partial: customer answered at least one question in the survey

  • completed: customer answered all questions in the survey

Question Data

Each question response can be pushed to Klaviyo as well. These will show on the user profile (see above screenshot). The question will be prefixed with "Kno:", and the response will be added in a comma separated list if multiple values are present.

To turn on question response integrations with Klaviyo, just go to the question you want to push and click on the "Advanced settings" link. You'll see a Klaviyo toggle if the Klaviyo integration is enabled.

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