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Custom style options
Custom style options
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Custom styling is available on every plan, and most option apply to both embedded and link surveys.

To style your survey go to the "Choose Your Look" tab while editing your survey.

  • Dark/light them toggle: By default Kno includes a dark and light theme. In most cases we recommend using the light theme, but if you have a dark mode site (or really want a default that stands out), the dark theme works well for this.

  • Color options: Kno includes the ability to choose your highlight color, button color, and button text color. All can be set with color sliders, or manually using RGB values.

  • Custom css: This is ONLY available on the embed. In most cases it shouldn't be required. Feel free to contact us if you need any help on this.

  • prev/next buttons: Especially if you're using a language other than English, this can be extremely helpful.

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