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Abandoned Cart Survey (Advanced)
Abandoned Cart Survey (Advanced)

Set up an Abandoned Cart Survey utilizing the existing template

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This is potentially one of the most powerful ways to redirect a customer who abandoned their cart before purchasing right back into the purchasing stream. This survey not only collects the data, but also utilizes 'Actions' to remove purchasing barriers. Product out of stock? Email your customer when it is back in stock. Cost too high? Give a promo code discount if they purchase. Just browsing? Purchase now and get a discount! All of these (and more) are possible with this Abandoned Cart Survey.

Let's get started on getting it set up!

Selecting the Survey Template

In your app dashboard, click on 'Data' in the left-hand menu, then 'Surveys' at the top of the page. 'Create New Survey' and select the 'I'll send it with a link' option.

Send with Link

Enter your 'Survey Title' and select 'Start With A Template'.

Search for 'Advanced Abandoned Cart Survey' or scroll through the templates until you find it and 'Add Template'

Adjusting the Questions

Once you have inserted the survey template into your survey builder, you are not finished! Because this survey uses 'Actions', there are several features that require some adjustments before you can publish and activate this survey.

Keep in mind that this template is only a template. You do not have to use all of these questions in your survey, so you can delete them if you would like. Just be careful about questions that are logically connected to one another! Order matters, so moving them around will make some questions/actions visible while others might disappear!

Q1. What has stopped you from making a purchase today?

The first question is standard. No adjustments are necessary here, unless you would like to personalize the options being given.

Q2. What type of shipping issue did you have?

This question is linked logically for survey respondents who selected 'Shipping-related issue' in Q1. You do not need to make adjustments here either.

Q3. Where would you like to ship your order?

This question logically connects to all respondents who selected 'Company doesn't ship to my location' in Q2. It is a dropdown of all 50 states (and DC) and an International option that will allow the respondents to type in their country name if necessary. No changes necessary here.

Q4. Ship Cost Too High

This question logically connects to all respondents who selected the 'Shipping time was too long' answer to Q2. This is the first question you will need to adjust depending on what 'Action' you want the survey respondent to take. You could send them to your shipping policies page to so they can see the explanation for why shipping costs are high. You could link them back to where they can find the threshold for free shipping. Whatever direction or action you decide to take, make sure to edit the following:

  • the text text in the HTML editor box (currently only a placeholder)

  • button text & link address (simply place cursor on button and select Insert -> Link from the menu above

Q5. Ship Time Too Long

This question logically connects to all survey respondents who selected 'Shipping time was too long' in Q2. Like Q4, you can tailor this question for your specific brand. Perhaps lead times are a month long because of a recent significant uptick in traffic on your site. Or perhaps you offer custom made products and the time required is simply longer for that reason. On this question, make sure to edit the following:

  • the text text in the HTML editor box (currently only a placeholder)

  • button text & link address (simply place cursor on button and select Insert -> Link from the menu above

Q6. What type of product issue did you have?

With this question, we have finished the shipping issues section and have moved into the product issues, so this question is logically dependent on answering Q1 with 'Product-related Issue'.

This is the very first question that we have set up to push data into Klaviyo. If you need help setting up that integration, check out this Klaviyo article that will walk you through what you need. This will be particularly helpful for the next couple of questions.

Q7. What type of product were you looking for?

This question logically depends on having the 'I couldn't find the product I was looking for' answer to Q6. It is a free form text answer, so there's lots of space for people to give you a description here. No other changes required here.


This is a great chance to push that info to Klaviyo and set up a marketing campaign that emails those individuals for personal contact and connection. Maybe you do have what they were looking for! Or maybe you have a product in development that would be an exact fit for them! Or maybe they would have some great suggestions for a new product that you could begin to develop sometime in the near future.

Q8. Couldn't Find What I Want Confirmation

This serves as a follow-up to Q7. Anyone who answers Q7 will be shown Q8, but not unless they answer it. Feel free to edit this language, but you can keep things as-is if you would like. No changes required here.

Q9. Which product were you hoping to purchase?

This question gets shown to anyone who answered Q6 with 'Product is out of stock'. It is a short-answer question that should be easy for a respondent to fill in based on the products you offer. Nothing needed for you to change on this question.

Q10. Out of Stock Confirmation Screen

This serves as a follow-up to Q8. Make sure to adjust this text to be inline with your strategies as a brand.

Klaviyo also serves as a great tool here to be able to contact a list of these individuals who are waiting for a particular product. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Q11. Product Cost Discount Code

This question is where things start to get a little tricky. Because of the way a promo code action is set up, we cannot include it within the template until the survey is actually connected to your Shopify account. At that point you can set it up properly.

The good news is, you can use this for both the 'Product Cost' and the 'Just Browsing' promo code actions.

To get started, first add the action to the survey by searching the question library (+ sign), selecting actions, and choosing Promo Code Redemption.

You can edit the specific texts and settings within the main screen however you would like, but you'll want to pay close attention when setting up the Advanced Settings.

Once you open the advanced settings, do the following:

  1. Toggle 'Logic' on

  2. Toggle 'End Survey Here' on

  3. Toggle 'Show as confirmation screen' on

  4. Toggle 'Prerequisite Question' on

  5. Select the question 'What type of product issue did you have?'

  6. Toggle 'Detailed Choice' on

  7. Check the 'Product cost' was too high option

Here's what that should look like!

Q12. Just Browsing Discount Code

For the 'Just Browsing' option follow the same steps except replace step 5 and 7 with the following two options:

  1. Select the question 'What has stopped you from making a purchase today?'

  2. Check the 'I am just browsing' option

Once you add this action and adjust these settings, make sure to move these questions into the same place as the placeholders before deleting them.

*Logic Tip*

Many of these questions have logic built into how they operate that is important (but potentially a bit tricky at the beginning) to understand.

Survey Offramps - In the Advanced Settings, questions that have 'End Survey Here' and 'Show as confirmation screen' toggled on serve as offramps out of the survey. If those get placed at the beginning of the list of questions/actions in the survey builder (the builder goes through the questions from top to bottom), they will cause the survey to close before collecting all of the data that you really want. This is why Q11 and Q12 are at the bottom of the survey.

Exit Screen Priority - Q11 and Q12 both are offramps out of the survey. Once someone sees either of those screens, that will be the last thing they see. You can prioritize which one someone sees by the location. If a customer selects the 'Just browsing' answer to Q1 and then selects 'Cost was too high' on Q6, both of those options have a promo code action attached to them. The question that is higher on the list in the survey builder will be the screen that this particular customer sees as their final confirmation screen. The current default is the promo code for 'Cost was too high'.

Final Suggestions!

Make sure to customize your page with your logo and anything that you want to include in your header and footer.

Choose your look by setting your default confirmation page and adjusting the theme to include your color scheme, button text, and button colors.

And remember, this template is intended just as a starting place! If some of these questions or question choices do not make sense for your brand, feel free to change them or delete them.

And as always, if you want some help on how to customize this survey to match the needs of your brand, please feel free to reach out to us through the chat. We'd love to work with you to make your survey just right!

Happy surveying!

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