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Setup your Klaviyo account and your KnoCommerce account to push data into Klaviyo

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Available on paid plans

We believe in making data actionable, which is why we've given you the ability to push your survey status and survey responses into Klaviyo.

Configure Klaviyo

Step 1: Go to the API Key page to create and configure your private API Key and save for later.

We require Full Access to the Profiles and List API Scopes. The integration will not work correctly with only Read Access to Profiles & Lists.

Step 2: Look through all the Lists on your account, and choose where you want all your KnoCommerce customer profiles to be added. Make note of the name of that list and save it for later.

Note: This is a requirement of Klaviyo's API. In general, you should select a list that acts as a "catch-all" list within your account that does not have any flows attached to it OR create a new list called KnoCommerce List and use that.

Configure KnoCommerce

Step 3: Go to our Integrations page and click 'Connect' next to the Klaviyo Integration.

Step 4: Paste the API Key (from Step 1) in the field and click Save

Step 5: After the Klaviyo Integration saves, you'll need to choose a List in the dropdown menu.

Note: The dropdown menu of Klaviyo lists does not always update immediately through the Klaviyo API. If you are not seeing the specific list you want to select, there are two things that you can do:

  1. Come back to this in a couple of hours, and the list may update automatically.

  2. Disconnect the Klaviyo Integration on the main KnoCommerce integration page (make sure you save the private API key), then reconnect. This will force an API refresh and should allow you to see the list that you've created.

Configure KnoCommerce Questions

At this point, your surveys will only send survey data and will not push the responses to questions as custom properties. To push those responses, you'll need to toggle on the individual questions in your survey that you want to add as Custom Properties on Klaviyo customer profiles.

Step 6: Go to the Surveys page and enter the survey builder for a survey (click the three dots, the click Edit).

Step 7: On every question that you want to push into Klaviyo, click 'advanced settings'.

Step 8: In the settings modal that pops up, toggle on the 'Add Response to Klaviyo' button

NOTE: Make sure to do this for every question!

Step 9: Once you're finished with all the questions, make sure to Save the survey.

Step 10: If you have not already published the survey, make sure to Publish it to your confirmation page

OR for KnoLinks surveys just publish it.

Feature Functionality

Every time a survey is answered, we check to see if the 'Add Response to Klaviyo' is toggled on for that question. We'll add relevant Custom Properties to the customer profile and add the customer to the selected list (Step 5).

We currently push two types of data to Klaviyo: survey properties and question properties. Here's how all properties from KnoCommerce look on Klaviyo customer profiles.

Survey Properties

When a customer is shown a survey while the Klaviyo integration is connected, we push the survey status to Klaviyo along with any thank-you promo code that we have generated from the Promo Code Action. The format that you'll see is "Kno Survey: Survey Title status", all in bold font (see screenshot above).

Below are the survey statuses that we push:

  • view: customer was shown the survey, but didn't answer any questions

  • partial: customer answered at least one question in the survey

  • completed: customer answered all questions in the survey

Question Properties

Each question response can be pushed to Klaviyo as well. These will show on the user profile prefixed with "Kno: Question Title" (see screenshot above), and the response will be added in a comma-separated list if multiple values are present.

Historic Data

If you set up your Klaviyo Integration after you started collecting survey data, we will not automatically push all of your historic data into Klaviyo.

However, Klaviyo does allow you to manually profile properties using a CSV upload. You'll need to combine our help doc for CSV Exports with Klaviyo's help doc for Importing Profile Properties to perform that historic update of Klaviyo profiles.

As always, let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to hello@knocommerce.com!

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