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Abandoned Cart Survey (Simple)
Abandoned Cart Survey (Simple)

Customers not converting? Create an email marketing campaign that utilizes this survey to figure out why!

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A customer might abandon their cart for any number of reasons, but you'll never know why until you send them this survey! Collecting this data could prove invaluable for you and your brand, making it easy to adjust your marketing to get ahead of others' objections.

Let's get started!

Selecting the Survey Template

In your app dashboard, click on 'Data' in the left-hand menu, then 'Surveys' at the top of the page. 'Create New Survey' and select the 'I'll send it with a link' option.

Send with Link

Enter your 'Survey Title' and select 'Start With A Template'.

Search for 'Simple Abandoned Cart Survey' or scroll through the templates until you find it and 'Add Template'

Adjusting the Questions

Once you have inserted the survey template into your survey builder, you are finished! If you want to be that is. Designed to be a plug-and-play survey, you can deploy this survey as is and get very valuable data. But there are some things you can do to customize it and get even more out of it!

1) Integrate into Klaviyo

Integrating into Klaviyo is easy! Take a look at our Klaviyo Integration help doc to learn more or set it up.

Once you have this set up, push your data to Klaviyo by toggling on what you want in the 'Advanced settings' of any individual question.

2) Set up Actions

Actions give your survey respondents something to do in the moment. We have templates for promo codes, VIP program signups, social media links, and more. For this survey, you can link to your shipping policies page, or create a one-time use discount code for those who said the product was too expensive.

To use Actions, either add your own or check out our Advanced Abandoned Cart Survey help doc to see how they are already integrated in a survey template!

Final Suggestions!

Make sure to customize your page with your logo and anything that you want to include in your header and footer.

Choose your look by setting your default confirmation page and adjusting the theme to include your color scheme, button text, and button colors.

And remember, this template is intended just as a starting place! If some of these questions or question choices do not make sense for your brand, feel free to change them or delete them.

And as always, if you want some help on how to customize this survey to match the needs of your brand, please feel free to reach out to us through the chat. We'd love to work with you to make your survey just right!

Happy surveying!

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