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Want to know what brings your customers back for a second purchase (or maybe more)? Find out using this template!

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It is critical for your brand to understand where your customers are coming from. Check out our attribution survey help doc for more details on that. But once you get that initial attribution information from them, how do you transition them to long-term, recurring customers? What converts them from brand-interested into brand fans? That's the point of this survey: finding out why people stay.

Survey Template Setup

Create Survey

First things first, go to the main Surveys page and Create New Survey. When the survey delivery selection box pops up, choose the order confirmation screen option. Give the survey a title and choose the Returning Customer Audience (Basic plan and above required). It should look something like this:

Create New Audience

If you don't see the Returning Customer Audience, not to worry. We can add it pretty easily. Just click the Plus sign (Add New Audience) and on the popup under Templates select the Returning Customer Template and Save. Make sure that the audience is checked once you save it.

Choose Survey Template

Now you're ready to add the Survey Template! Go to the Ask Questions menu, choose Start With A Template, search for the Returning Customer Template, and select Add Template.

Main Questions

Q1: Who did you purchase this for today?

We like to start with a radio button question because it will automatically advance the customer to the second question whenever they select one option. The purpose of this question is to determine the purchasing behavior of your customer. For customers who purchase for themselves, you will be able to create a profile of interests and target those interests specifically. For someone who purchases for others, you'll be able to target their gift-giving proclivity during gift-giving seasons (πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ‚). This question is good-to-go out of the box, so nothing further is needed for setup!

Q2: Which of the following influenced your purchase today?

You and your brand work hard to market your products to your target audiences, so this question takes the temperature of which particular points are most important to your customers. You'll have to fill these in yourself (no two brands are the same, of course!), but it's a simple edit in the builder.

Q3: Why did you choose to purchase today?

Whereas the previous question addresses the specific marketing features that are attractive to your customers, this question gets into the psychology of the customer. By giving them the opportunity for free response, you'll get some that give the same reasons as Q2, some who won't answer, and some who will give you a full paragraph, which is extremely valuable. Mining this data helps to get a fuller picture of the state of mind of your customers when they're pushing the 'Buy Now' button.

Additional Questions

The previous 3 questions are a great starting point that provide helpful and powerful insights, no matter your brand or industry. But now is the time to customize for yourself depending on what's most important for you. Here are a couple of different areas that might prove interesting for you and your brand. Note: Be careful of question limits (Basic = 7, Analyst = 12), as your survey won't save if you exceed these limits.

All of these questions are templated questions, so you'll be able to search for them in our question library. Just search for the survey title to add the question to your survey.

Product Development Questions

If your brand needs some insights into the development of future products or the improvement of current ones, we've got a couple of options to get you started. You're also welcome to create your own question if these aren't what you're looking for. Note: Search for the title in the question library to add to your survey.

  • Future Product Development - If you could see any new product that you wanted from us, what product would that be?

  • Product Improvement - What one change would you make to improve a product that you have already purchased?

  • Purchase-motivated Product Improvement - If you could make one change to a product BEFORE you purchase it, what would it be and why?

Demographic Questions

If you're looking to improve your knowledge of your ideal customer, these questions can be super helpful. They're also really useful in conjunction with our Audiences to get a little different look at your data!

  • Age

    • Age Radio (GA ranges)

    • Age Radio (5s)

    • Age Radio (10s)

    • Age Slider

  • Gender

  • Household Income

  • Race/Ethnicity

  • Employment Status

  • Education

  • Relationship Status

Segmentation Questions

Maybe you're looking to create more segments within your marketing flows. We can help with that too! Especially if you're pushing data straight into Klaviyo. These questions are templated, but you'll need to change the response options to suit your specific brand and the specific segmentation you're looking to do!

  • Product Category Interest - Which of the following product categories are interesting to you?

    • Shoe Care - Shoe Care, Boot Care, Sneaker Care, Leather Care, Suede Care

    • Apparel Brand - Men's vs. Women's clothing

    • Apparel Brand - Clothing Type i.e. Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, Dresses, Suits, Outerwear, Undergarments, Accessories

    • Beauty Store - Beauty Product Type i.e. Face, Eyes, Lips, Skin

  • Activity Category - What types of activities are you using our products for?

    • Clothing - Leisure, Business, Activity, Workout

    • Alternative Soda - Special Treat, Daily Drinker, As A Mixer

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