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Introducing Benchmarks
Introducing Benchmarks

Compare your performance to the entire KNO network

Written by Bar Bruhis
Updated over a week ago

What is Benchmarking?

Over 1200 brands use KNO, including Pura Vida, OLIPOP and Jones Road. Those brands drive almost 2M post-purchase survey responses / month. This allows us to start to benchmark your stores' performance to the entirety of the "KNO network."

Every benchmarked question has at least 200,000 monthly responses.

How to use Benchmarking?

To use benchmarking, you'll want to start by implementing one of our templated surveys. We currently benchmark 5 questions:

  1. How did you first hear about us?

  2. What brought you to our website today?

  3. How long did you know about us before making your first purchase

  4. Who was this purchase for?

  5. Where did you see our ad?

Benchmarking can be accessed by logging into any of your accounts and clicking on this link:

Here is a preview of what Benchmarking looks like:

KNO benchmarking

You can sort the view by 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days.

Important note about Benchmarking

Benchmarking will work best when you use our templated surveys as they allow us to compare the answers to that question to all other answers to the same question in our network. You can edit the question and add/remove answers but in general we don't recommend big changes. For example, you may edit the first question to "How did you hear about X BRAND" vs "How did you hear about us."

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