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When our in-app reporting doesn't meet your all your needs you can export your data in a csv file!

When viewing our reports there's a download button on the right side of the report filters. Click this button to pull up the csv export modal.

The following fields can be exported for any survey you're running.

Customer Data

  1. Full Name: The complete name of the customer, including their first and last names.

  2. First Name: The first name of the customer.

  3. Last Name: The last name of the customer.

  4. Email: The email address of the customer.

  5. Phone: The phone number of the customer.

  6. Address1: The primary street address of the customer.

  7. City: The city in which the customer resides.

  8. Zip: The postal or ZIP code for the customer's address.

  9. Province: The state, province, or region in which the customer resides.

  10. Country: The country in which the customer resides.

  11. Company: The name of the customer's company or organization, if applicable.

  12. Accepts Marketing: A boolean value indicating whether the customer has opted in to receive marketing communications.

  13. Financial Status: The customer's financial status, such as 'paid', 'refunded', or 'pending', for their most recent order.

  14. Fulfillment Status: The current status of the customer's most recent order fulfillment, such as 'fulfilled', 'unfulfilled', or 'partial'.

  15. Total Spent: The total amount the customer has spent across all orders.

  16. Orders Count: The total number of orders the customer has placed.

  17. Line Items: A list of individual products or services purchased by the customer in a single order.

  18. Shopify Customer ID: A unique identifier for the customer within the Shopify system.

  19. Shopify Order ID: A unique identifier for a specific order within the Shopify system.

  20. Shopify Order Number: The sequential order number assigned by Shopify.

Survey Data

  1. Survey Title: The title of the current survey being exported.

  2. Coupon Code: Any coupon code that was generated by the "promo code action" in the current survey response.

  3. Started At: The date and time the customer answered the first question on the survey.

  4. Submitted At: The date and time the customer completed the survey.

  5. The Questions: A separate column for each question in the survey. This is going to be dynamic based on the survey selected.

Note - there is an option on the export modal that says "export checkboxes as separate columns". Selecting this, will allow you to export checkbox questions, as separate columns instead of as a comma separated list. If you do not check this option, you will see checkbox responses in a comma separated list under the same column.

If you have questions please reach out to hello@knocommerce.com.
If you need additional data check out our API docs.

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