Survey Placement Settings

KnoCommerce gives you the ability to locate your survey on your confirmation page with several default locations and a customizable option

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After you have created your survey, you'll press the Save button (yellow floppy disk in the lower right-hand corner) and arrive at the 'You did it!' page with confetti!

  • If you're a Shopify-based platform, then keep following along through this help doc!

  • If your store is not on the Shopify platform, check out this help doc on custom survey locations.

The confetti page should look like this for Shopify stores:

From here, click the 'Add to Shopify Confirmation Screen' (Note: if you have previously done this, clicking 'Modify Confirmation Screen Placement' will get you to the same screen).

On the popup modal, select an option from the Survey Placement Dropdown.

Here are the main options:

Before additional scripts section

This is KnoCommerce's default survey display position and the one we HIGHLY recommend. It places the survey at the top of the Shopify Order Status page (right after the Order # and the Thank You message), where it will be seen by the highest number of customers and maximizes your brand's response rate (see Survey Stat definitions here).

Before shipping information

This option places the survey immediately previous to the Shipping Information on the account. This typically uses the Shipping map, but in lieu of the map, the script will base the survey position on the rest of the Shipping information for the customer.

After shipping information

Similar to the previous setting, this position selector uses the Shipping Information to determine the survey display location. The survey will display even further down the page (not recommended) after the map.

Custom Selector

Lastly, this option will give you the freedom to select any location on a confirmation page. This applies to primarily non-Shopify stores where standard HTML elements do not exist, but any Shopify store using a Liquid page that changes the elements of the page from the Standard layout might also need to use this option. Check out our full help doc on the Customer Selector here.

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