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Navigate to the Embed Settings within KnoCommerce and click KnoLinks to access the global styles for KnoLinks (when you want to send a survey URL via email, text, or QR code). Check out our KnoLinks help doc to learn more about how to set these up.

You can always edit these settings in the individual builder for each survey, but these settings will apply globally to every survey created AFTER the settings are saved (this location won't update existing surveys).

Logo Upload

Use the logo upload section to upload a logo for your KnoLinks surveys. If you decide you don't want to include a logo there, you can also use the 'Remove Image' button to delete it from this UI.


To display an encouraging message, instructions on the survey, or a reminder that there's a promo code at the end of the survey, use the HTML editors for the Header and Footer to add text that will be visible throughout the survey experience.

Save Button

Make sure to hit save at the bottom of the page to lock in whatever changes you have made!

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