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These last few settings are just a group of odds and ends that can be uniquely helpful.

Embed Script

This embed script is not necessary for most applications of our survey technology:

  • Pre-extensibility versions of Kno on Shopify automatically inject the script onto the confirmation page

  • The Kno Extension (only for upgraded Shopify stores) uses a different technology to display the surveys

This Embed will be essential for non-Shopify brands, so check out our Universal Embed help doc for more details. And for brands utilizing Kno's top tiers, check out this special use case!

Fallback Survey

Most of the time, KnoCommerce's technology will use your Audience targets to reach every customer who qualifies with a survey. But in some situations, you may want to set up a Fallback survey. Note: This feature is only available for paid plans.

Fallback Functionality

The Fallback Survey that you select here, must still be published in the main Surveys tab. And the Audience that you select on that survey will still match on the live confirmation pages. But anyone who doesn't see another survey will see this fallback survey.

Avoid Matching Functionality

Checking the 'Avoid matching fallback survey' will make sure the survey ONLY displays as a fallback. The Audience targeting tech won't include this survey as an option for the normal survey matching.

Automated Insights Fallback

If you are utilizing the Automated Insights feature of KnoCommerce, that survey replaces the Fallback feature. This section will look like the screenshot below. Click the 'Here' button to access your Automated Insights settings.

If you aren't using the Automated Insights feature, check out our Automated Insights help doc to learn how you can collect some pretty incredible data.

KnoCommerce Branding

For brands on our Enterprise-level plan, you can remove the KnoCommerce branding on your survey containers by checking this box.

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