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Custom Survey Placement Location

How to locate your survey on your confirmation page for non-Shopify stores or Shopify stores using the Liquid theme on the order status page

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Choosing a custom survey placement location and how to accomplish this will depend on whether you are a Shopify store or a non-Shopify store (each option has different instructions). Some understanding of HTML is helpful, but not necessarily required in order to implement this for Shopify.

If you're looking for our standard options for Shopify, check out this help doc on survey placement.

Shopify Stores

Shopify stores choose the location within our UI (see our Survey Placement location help doc on how to get to that point).

But once you're here (see screenshot below), you'll need to pull a Selector from your actual confirmation page.

Step 1: Open up a live Order Status page. You can either place a test order on your store to get to that point or you can follow the instructions within our Shopify Integration help doc under the 'Testing your survey live' section.

Step 2: Once on the Order Status page, right-click and choose Inspect to open up your console.

Step 3: Under the Elements menu item, select the Icon pictured below.

Step 4: Then immediately click the element on the Order Status page that you would like to attach your survey to (survey container should display immediately following the Element you select). The selection tool should select/highlight the element as you hover over it and look something like this:

Step 5: Once you click on the box, the tool will move you to the Elements window again and highlight the Element that you have selected. Make sure that the element you select is the entire element, not just a portion or small part of the whole element (you can play around with this until you find the correct full element). Then right-click that Element in the Elements window, select Copy, then Copy Selector.

Step 6: Navigate back to your Survey Placement settings window in KnoCommerce and paste the Selector in the Enter Selector field. If you're aware of how to edit HTML you can edit for conciseness so it is easy to decipher the exact location.

Step 7: Select Confirm Position (which will save the settings), then navigate back to your Order Status page and reload. You should see the KnoCommerce survey container appear on your page!

Note: If you have any issues with this, please reach out to or contact us via the Intercom Support chat for assistance.

Non-Shopify Stores

For non-Shopify stores, the survey location is set within the script that you install on your confirmation. To use the technical language, the selector is located in the survey object within the window.Kno script declaration.

Step 1: To find the selector on your page, follow Steps 2 through 5 from the Shopify Store section above πŸ‘†.

Step 2: Go to the Window.Kno script in the back end of your site and add in the selector variable inside of the survey object. Then paste the actual selector from your site, making sure to add it as a string.

Step 3: Save the back-end script changes for your site.

Step 4: Navigate to the Kno app and when you save the survey, all you'll need to do is 'Add to Custom Confirmation Screen'. The system will identify the survey and identify the location of your script and will display in the location that you've selected.

Note: If you have any issues with this, please reach out to or contact us via the Intercom Support chat for assistance.

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