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Universal Embed - for WooCommerce, BigCommerce and any platform outside of Shopify
Universal Embed - for WooCommerce, BigCommerce and any platform outside of Shopify
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Available on paid plans.

KnoCommerce is fully platform agnostic. We currently work natively with Shopify, and official integrations will be coming with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others.

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If you are using one of those platforms (or a custom build!) you can get started today with a custom script. Here's how to do that. πŸ‘‡

​Step 1: Go to Integrations and set up the "Custom" integration.

You'll save your site url, and then grab your API key. Save that API key for later. This is your kno_id in the script.

Step 2: Grab your embed script snippet from Settings -> Survey Settings -> Miscellaneous.

The snippet will look something like this:

<script src=""></script>

Step 3: Create your javascript object and combine it with the embed script snippet.

The minimal version will look like this (although you can pass more information to enhance your Kno experience--see example HTML at the end of the doc for a complete list):

window.Kno = {
kno_id: 'XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX', // this is the API key found in the "custom" integration on the integrations tab
customer: {
platform: 'CUSTOM', //leave as CUSTOM or change to ecomm platform
shop: '', //replace with static brand URL
email: '', //required if no phone -> replace with platform email variable
phone: '1234567890', //string required if no email -> replace with platform phone variable
lifetime_spent: 210.99, //optional -> replace with platform lifetime spend variable (including current order)
lifetime_orders: 1 //optional, required to use new/returning customer surveys -> replace with platform variable (customer's first order is lifetime_order = 1)
order: {
id: '1234567890', //required. must be a string -> replace with platform order id variable
total_price: 1000, //optional, required to use attribution reports
currency: '', //optional
survey : {
selector: 'div#example-div' // required. Any element that exists on the confirmation page where your survey will display

<script src=""> //script src embed snippet is found in Settings->SurveySettings->Miscellaneous in KnoCommerce
</script><!-- End KnoCommerce Script -->

You can download an example file here. Replace the following with your data:

  • line 11 - replace kno_id. This is your API key from step 1.

  • line 17 - this id must be unique to the customer (i.e. guest checkouts cannot all have 0 customer id)

  • line 28 - replace selector. This is whatever element you want to attach to. Leave as-is for testing this HTML page.

  • line 99 - replace with your script from step 2.

  • For testing, you can leave all other fields alone, but each field in lines 13-28 should be replaced with your own order data variables to dynamically register order data.

A list of all possible parameters is in the file for reference but has been commented out.

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